Smart IoT Lock Box for Your Deliveries

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About The Box

Smart (and sexy) Lock Box for Your Packages

You probably get a lot of stuff delivered to your home or office each month, especially during the holidays.

Packages left on your porch can be stolen by porch pirates. One in three people reported a package stolen at least once.

More than 11 million people had packages stolen last year.
Source: C+R

Packages can get wet, attract pests and germs. It’s also a hassle trying to coordinate pickups and deliveries when you are not home.

O3 Cleaning Technology

BoxO3 includes an Ozone Generator that can be turned on at the owner’s option.

Once packages are placed into the box and the box is locked, ozone can be released to clean and disinfect the packages.

Ozone is used in a variety of industries as an oxidizer and

Issue and revoke digital keys to delivery drivers, family members, friends and neighbors.

Control who has access to open BoxO3 with their phones.

It can also be set to close and lock automatically.

Manage Pickups and Deliveries from Anywhere with Your Mobile Phone

What’s in it


Accommodates 80% of the standard package sizes

that are shipped by Amazon, FedEx, UPS, and the USPS. It is 24″ in length, 20″ wide, and 33″ high.


110V Electrical Plug

Used to power the ozone generator.


2-Year Warranty

BoxO3 is air-tight, water-tight, and super rugged. It is coated with a UV sunlight protectant.


Easily Affixed to the Floor or Wall

Using screws or it can be chained to a heavy object on your porch using a standard security cable.

Prototype, Manufacturing, and Delivery Plan

The BoxO3 proof-of-concept prototype you see in the video was made in the Philippines under the direction of Caloy Hinolan, CEO of  WAV Global.

The casing was 3D printed. The controller board was custom built. The ozone generator, digital locking mechanism, fan and other components, were sourced from various suppliers and then customized to our design specifications.

All components are readily available and can be stamped for mass production. We have confirmed the cost of all parts, labor, transportation, taxes and tariffs.

The initial mass production run will be done by an ISO certified factory in the Philippines then shipped by container to a fulfillment warehouse in Long Beach, CA, where units will be shipped to backers in North America.

For backers in Asia, the units will be shipped directly from the factory in the Philippines. The costs of shipping, warehousing and fulfillment have been confirmed.

Be one of the very first to get a BoxO3. Be the envy of your neighbors. Make your delivery drivers happy.

We will be donating 50 units of our first production run to organizations that serve at-risk
populations, including hospitals, assisted living facilities, schools and day care centers.

About the team.


Caloy Hinolan


Co-inventor. 16 years in manufacturing and business operations. Expert in ozone technology.




Co-inventor, 30 years as venture capital backed startup founder. Expert in scaling businesses.




Co-inventor, 12 years in materials management and supply chain inventory. Expert in Amazon store selling.




25 years leading design initiatives for product and application development. Expert in branding.


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